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We are serious about Officer Safety!!  When you are a patrol officer or a security professional, turning your head away, even for a split second, can compromise your safety. Rely on our Heads Up Mic Clip to keep your communication device secure and help you focus on the job.** We now offer this innovative device to accept and secure most body worn cameras**.

Made in Texas, our clips are made to fit most police-issued handheld radio microphones and body worn cameras.The Heads Up Mic Clip, Camera Clip and Combo-Clip help keep your critical equipment secure. Additionally, it keeps the cord away from your neck, preventing it from being used to choke you in a fight and locates the body worn camera secure and in an optimal location for capturing critical video evidence. Contact The Heads Up Mic Clip from Texas at 817-301-5106, and ask us about handheld portable radio mic and body worn camera keepers.

To obtain the best device to keep your body cameras clips, police radio accessories, law enforcement equipment, contact us today.  We strive to give our customers world class customer service.  We want our customers to have a great experience from the beginning of their purchase and will do what it takes to ensure that.  We provide 24/7 access and back our product with a money back guarantee.  We look forward to doing business with you and are proud to provide a quality piece of equipment to the warriors that took the oath to protect and serve our great country.  Be safe out there and tell your Maw & ‘Em we said hello and thank them for lending us their Sheepdogs!!

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