The Heads Up Mic Clip, Camera Clip and Combo Clip – Made in Texas

Keep your mic and body worn camera secure while on the job with the Heads Up Mic Clip products. Whether you are engaged in a foot pursuit or struggling to subdue a suspect, our police accessories help you stay connected at all times.

Securing Your Safety

The Heads Up clip, Camera Clip and Combo Clip enables you to secure the radio mic and or body worn camera to your ballistic vest, whether it is a concealable vest or an outer carrier. This helps you avoid turning your head away from a possible threat, and keeps the mic and camera in place during a fight.

Precision Crafted, Made to Last

The clips are made from a 1-inch x 7-inch piece of 16-gauge high-strength metal or Kydex, punched with a hole for attaching the mic and or body worn camera to the clip and then bent into a J shape. It attaches to your vest with high grade Velcro®. They are available in black and can also be special ordered in any color.


Attaching the HUMC