Last Sunday I got in a foot chase with a pretty good wrestling match at the end. My mic staid put through the whole thing. That’s never happened before! The mic clip works as advertised.

Dave Pyle

I like having my body camera and radio mic center chest and this product is perfect for this. It stays in place well when worn with body armor. It’s durable and I have yet to have any issues. Not to mention shipping is fast. Couldn’t love this product any more. 10/10. I’ll be recommending this to other officers in my department. Already recommended this to my LT and CPT.

Alexander Leone

After getting into three different minor scuffles on duty and having my body camera go flying off at the very beginning of each one, I made the switch to the Heads Up MIC and camera clip. Well, all I can say is WOW. Your product works beautifully. Our department is testing them now and has issued them to 15 officers to try. The second week of wearing it, I executed a takedown on a subject and to prevent injuries to him, I went down with him to help cushion the impact of the concrete for the both of us. Your product made my radio, and body cam stay put and accurately record the entire incident. Thank you very much. This has become an integral part of my duty uniform and out department has noticed the value and we may start equipping every officer with them.

PFC A. H. Rowell IV

I purchased the mic camera combo and it has stayed conveniently in place without any of my items moving. This is a great tool to have to wear with your uniform. I highly recommend it.

Wendy Ayers

Agency provides body worn cameras that can also be used as mic. This means that the camera is big and heavy. When I attached the camera to my duty shirt, the additional weight cause my collar to rub against my neck which lead to irritation. Also, when its attached to the shirt, it is not secure and has fallen off. This clip keeps that weight away from shirt, while keeping secure.
Great product!

Luan Bui